Owens Roofing North Wales

About Owens Roofing


We were a workers’ co-operative formed to save jobs back in 1996. In 2009 the company was reformed in order to allow retired shareholders to step out of the business and allow the existing non-shareholder employees to buy into the company thus keeping the family-like ethos and structure in place.


We are a team of roofers specialising in


We work regularly for councils, NHS, fire service, police and ambulance service and larger contractors as well as carrying out work at Trawsfynydd Power Station.


We undertake all areas of roofing, domestic, industrial or other.


We are registered with:


We are QA installers for Liquid Plastics Ltd as well as IMA approved contractors for Icopal Ltd.


Virtually all our work comes from recommendations having a solid reputation due to our extensive work for the council and local authorities.


Most of our employees are shareholders and have a keen interest in the success of the business and the reputation that is carried with the quality of their work.


Some of our directors work full-time out in the field which helps to create a solid link between the practical side and the office side of our business.

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